Simple Ways to Teach Rummy Through Example

If you are teaching rummy to someone for the very first time and he or she knows nothing about card games or rummy, here is a simple way. Teach the game of rummy through real life examples that are easy to understand and comprehend. When you teach with examples that are relatable, your friend is sure to understand the game in greater detail. Here are some simple tips to help you teach the friend rummy in greater detail:

Compare Life with Basic Living

Most people today understand the difficulties associated with everyday living. As the cost of living has increased manifolds, people struggle to manage even the daily expenses. Quoting this as an example, you can tell you friend how Indian rummy is similar. Just like you need to manage your basic living first with your finances and then spend on lavishness, even in rummy you should use the cards to first form the two sequences which are together termed as life. Forming the life should be your priority in rummy and creating sets or melds maybe regarded as the lavishness you enjoy once the life is created.

Take time to explain that out of the two sequences, one needs to be a pure sequence created without the use of jokers while the other may make use of jokers. Out of the two sequences, one will be a four-card sequence in 13 card rummy game.

Compare Joker with Real Life Bonuses

Most of us come across a once in a lifetime chance that makes our life better. This could be in the form of a family inheritance that helps to add to security or a very good friend who adds to the moral support system. Jokers in rummy games are just like these real-life bonuses. It is true that jokers can only complete sequences and sets and not make it completely. Even in life, people and money can only provide support but the basic courage and confidence should be yours if you need to succeed.

Compare Passing to Potential Bad Times in Life

There are times in life when everything seems to go wrong. These are times when you should not venture into monetary goals as you are bound to lose. It is a passing phase and won’t last forever. But during this phase of life, if you still continue to try you may face terrible losses. This is the same with a bad hand. If you are sure you have a bad hand and there is no scope of making pure sequences, it is best to pass at the start. Even if you start to play rummy and realise midway that you cannot win, pass before you lose a full hand of points.

Compare Face Cards to Luxuries

Face cards are cards with highest value. If you cannot make natural sequence with the face cards, you must dispose them unless they are a part of some set. Otherwise, they only add more points to your hand. This is similar to the luxuries we enjoy in life. We can opt for them only once we have arranged for all the basic necessities. This is how rummy patti game is quite similar to real life.

Compare Low Cards to Daily Blessings

The low point cards like 2, 3 or 4 are really helpful. You can form sequences and sets with these. If they are not a part of any sequences or sets, they still have very low points and won’t add to your losses much just like real life blessings of wealth and happiness we enjoy.