What to do After Completion of Your MBBS Course?

After doing one’s MBBS degree, it can be a tough task to choose what step to take next? Here are some career possibilities for you to take after you complete your MBBS course.

  1. Government Jobs

MBBS degree holders can have government job possibilities in state and central health services divisions. The best central government job opportunities for candidates of MBBS Course in India is from the Combined Medical Services (CMS) supervised by UPSC and the CMS exam is conducted to recruit doctors to a number of central government institutions like municipal corporations, railways, government dispensaries, and hospitals. The jobs are mainly everlasting in nature and eventually offer managerial work in government health services.

  1. Defense Services

It’s not only engineers and other graduates who get the opportunity to work for the nation with placements in the defense services yet doctors too. After the Admission in MBBS Course in India and its completion, graduates can be recruited by the Indian Defence Ministry for army emergency services, infantry units, and hospitals. The job’s nature is permanent and the candidates who are recruited for the jobs are coached in military camps as well. It happens to make them function in sync with the army personnel and grasp the emergency cases.

  1. Employment in Hospitals

Youthful and coming out of college yet deciding on what to pursue after MBBS Course in India, degree holders can look for job opportunities in hospitals operating in the private sector.  Top hospital chains like Apollo Hospitals, Fortis Hospitals, and Max Hospitals do country-wide running and they also offer remunerative payoffs to doctors.

  1. A career in Health Administration/Hospital Management

Hospitals can work well if their health offerings and services, day-to-day functions are worked out well. This is a different area where doctors progressively can play a great role as they know the system well. Generally, hospitals recruit those doctors who can grasp the issuing areas, approach challenges willfully and find ways to increase the efficiency of procedures and management. This sort of role is usually possible for doctors who have gone through an additional management course after their MBBS Course in India.

  1. Self-employment

One can set up their own clinic and initiate private practice after the MBBS Course in India. An MBBS degree also makes it possible for one to practice medicine singly; so many doctors opt for this to attain hands-on experience in the field. Public health is a different arena which has an ever-increasing requirement for doctors. The career opportunities consist of the role as a psychiatric, counselor, and research consultants, medical social worker, and trainer also an entrepreneur. A number of honoring not-for-profit organizations also needs doctors to maintain their charitable deeds. Foremost among those are Médecins Sans Frontières, UNO, and WHO.