Purpose Of Integrated Library System

Libraries comprise of a sea of resource and information, and in the absence of a proper tool to organize and navigate through the information, it cannot be used at its best. What you need is an enterprise resource planning system such as an integrated library system or ILS. This system is used to keep track of the various items owned by the library; bills paid, orders made and maintain a record of books borrowed and so on.

Purpose Of Integrated Library System

What is the main purpose of ILS?

An integrated library system is made up of a relational database and software that allows you to use that database effectively. It usually has two user interfaces – one for staff and the other for patrons. The software functions are usually divided into small programs that are known as modules, and these modules are integrated to form a unified interface. Few examples of these modules include:

  • Cataloging which includes classifying and indexing materials
  • Acquisitions which involves placing order, receiving items and invoicing
  • Circulation refers to lending materials to the patrons and getting them back
  • Serials include maintaining a track of magazines and newspaper
  • OPAC, the public interface meant for users

The biggest purpose of ILS is to keep track of the various activities within a library. Whenever a patron borrows an item, both get a unique identification in the database to allow the software to keep track of the activities. Smaller libraries often use a simple computer library system with basic functions to avoid the expense and maintenance associated with sophisticated Integrated Library System.

The large-scale libraries, however, cannot do with a proper ILS as they involve keeping track of numerous activities such as order, acquire, catalog, receive, circulate, track and shelve the items.

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