Can You Take Online Classes While On Active Duty In The Military?

Many people plan on going to college once they leave the military. Some, be they lifelong soldiers or just those who want the degree sooner, don’t really want to wait. Fortunately, it is possible to get a college degree while you are on active duty.

Can You Take Online Classes While On Active Duty In The Military?

Going to College Online

The good news is that online colleges have made it easier than ever to get college credit while soldiers are on active duty. Since an online class can be taken almost anywhere, the only real requirement for staying enrolled is that you’ll be able to connect to the internet often enough to submit your assignments. As you might imagine, this has made it possible to continue your education even when you’re deployed.

Understanding Your Needs

While it is possible to take online classes while you are on active duty, it’s also wise to consider your needs before you enroll. If you are between deployments or you are deployed in an area that has relatively stable internet access, it will be easier to take classes with higher workloads and that require more online time. If you are elsewhere, though, you might want to look into programs that let you take lighter course loads or that space out assignment due dates a bit.

Picking the Right School

Picking the right school is a must. You want to find a school like the University of Maryland Global Campus, which not only has an excellent distance learning pedigree but that understands the needs of active duty soldiers. Online schools are more popular than ever, so you will both have a greater number from which to choose and more choices to wade through when figuring out your own needs. Don’t be afraid to contact the schools directly to find out more information.

Looking for Support

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that you have the proper support. Some schools will have dedicated personnel for working with distance learners such as yourself and some may even have departments that deal directly with service members. You should also try to reach out to your fellow service members who are also enrolled—their support can be invaluable.

You can absolutely pursue a degree while on active duty but you’ll need to put in significant work to ensure that you have the best chance possible to complete the process. Picking the right school and classes can help but don’t be afraid to reach out to get extra support. Taking this step while you are in the military can open many doors for you, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

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