4 Creative Ways To Finance Higher Education Without Going Into Debt

Are you worried about how you’re going to put your kids – or yourself – through college? If so, you’re not alone. The rising cost of higher education has left a lot of prospective students wondering if it’s worth it. Don’t give up your dreams of college just yet. There are some creative ways to finance that won’t leave you with big loans to pay back.

4 Creative Ways to Finance Higher Education Without Going Into Debt

Start Small, Stay Local

One way to go about it is to start small. Go to an accredited community college Texas like San Jacinto College, which offers smaller payments and a more focused curriculum. That means you’ll get more targeted coursework that relates more directly to your future career, and you can always parlay the credits into a more advanced degree later.

Crowdfund It

There’s a crowdfund for almost anything out there, ranging from medical expenses to vacations. Why not start a fund for your education? Make sure to write an engaging pitch, highlighting your educational and life goals and underlining why you’re a good investment. You never know how many generous benefactors may be out there, and since the money is gifted, it doesn’t need to be back.


This may seem like a long-shot due to how competitive they are. However, there are some very large scholarships available from sources most people don’t know about. Local chambers of commerce and business offer scholarships, as do many companies. One example: Duct Tape offers $10,000 in college money for the couple who creates the unique duct tape-inspired prom outfit.

Get Sponsored

There are many fields that are so in need of qualified people that companies will pay for your school just to get you in the door. Careers in education and medicine can be paid for by agreeing to spend a pre-determined amount of time, usually 2 – 5 years, working in under-served communities. Don’t overlook your current employer, either. Many times companies will invest in furthering the careers of promising employees.

No matter what age you are, incurring debt is a frightening proposition. Although the money is an investment in you and your future, there’s no reason for you to spend the rest of your life paying for it. Creative financing can help you reach your educational goals.