A Guide For Choosing The Right Degree Path For You

Making the decision to go to college and choose the right course for you can be extremely overwhelming. There may feel like there is so much pressure to get the decision right, and if you’re torn between more than one option, it may seem impossible to make a decision you aren’t going to feel anxious about.

What will help in the decision-making process is preparation, research and learning more about the many paths you can take — as well as learning more about yourself.

A Guide For Choosing The Right Degree Path For You

Think Carefully About What You Enjoy

When considering a degree and a career, it’s natural to want to think about the most secure job, or perhaps one which makes a lot of money. While job security is, of course, a good thing, you should think more about what you’re actually passionate about.

In the long run, if you choose a degree course you hate simply because it leads to more secure jobs, you’re only going to risk hating your job in the future, no matter how secure it is.

Choose a degree which you enjoy and which leaves you passionate about your path.

Don’t Just Choose What Your Friends are Choosing

It can be very tempting when heading off to college with a bunch of people you already know to choose the same degree course as your existing friends — especially if they’re all choosing the same, too. However, think carefully about this; even though it’ll be more pressure to make new friends or go into new classes not knowing anybody, it isn’t a problem if it’s the right degree path for you.

You don’t want to run the risk of choosing the wrong degree course simply because of peer pressure, or because you wanted to stick with your friends — especially because there’s no guarantee you’ll still be friends with them in the future.

Think About all Your Options

If there’s a degree course you really want to take but are worried about how to make it happen, such as expensive tuition fees or not feeling as though you qualify, always make sure to do your research and check all your options.

There may be scholarship opportunities for your chosen course, like with ASM Scholarships for sporting degrees, or there may be something you can do to qualify for specific courses (such as gain work experience to support an application).

Look into Which Careers Require Your Degree

If you’re not sure which career you would like in future, but have an idea of which degree subject you would like to study, take the time to check the many different careers your degree is applicable for. It may surprise you how many different jobs will accept your degree, and if they all sound good, then you know you’re on the right path.

Likewise, if you have a certain dream job in mind but aren’t sure which degree you need, be sure to check which degree course will give you the best chance.

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